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"April 2013 Newsletter" (April 17, 2013)

Babies every where!  CSA, Plant Sale, Next group of Jolly Spotters, Herd Share Mmm Mmm Good!, Chicken anyone?
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Simon Certified Organic Family Farm
April 2013 Newsletter


We are so grateful for the sun!   We are going to have a large variety of plants and tomatoes for the CSA and plant sale.  We have had 6 beef calves recently.  Sunny was first, Bob, Lad, Phoebe, Taurus, and Brook.  We are expecting three more calves shortly so please send some names.  We had three more baby goats last month.  Ester and the little goats are getting along quite well.  The layers have started laying this month so if you like a good egg we welcome you to come and have some.

Farmers Markets This Year

We will be finishing our Winter Markets at Old Trail School on April 27.  After that market we will be attending the Markets every Saturday at Howe Meadow in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  We will also be attending the Thursday Farmers Market at Highland Square in Akron.  If you are close enough to the farm please visit the farm store.  It is a good idea to call ahead because very interesting things are happening.  We had a family come from California and purchase pretty much our entire freezers in one morning.  We have had another instance where another family came and purchased all our chickens and pork in the freezer.  I can usually restock it in a day but, I would like to make sure we have products for you when you come.  So, please email or call if you are coming to purchase larger quantities. or 330-704-2895 for Amy.

Plant Sale May 11 and 12, 2013

Tomatoes, peppers, herbs and all kinds of baby plants are on the grow.  We have been busy planting, separating, and transplanting.  Please see our plant sale page for specific varieties.  The plant sale will be on the weekend of May 11 and 12, 2013.  That is Mothers Day weekend.  Bring your mother and purchase some biodynamically grown, certified organic seedlings to fill their garden with goodies this summer!

Really Important Chicken Information

We are still deciding what to do about meat chickens.  Last year in August the price of grain went from $18.95 for 50 lbs to $28.50 for 50 lbs.  Not just because of the drought, but for many reasons including increasing ethanol production and the price of fossil fuels. We feel that these birds increase the farms productivity as well as fertility, so we will still be growing some for sale this year. We honored our pricing for last year because we know many of you planned on our birds and are on a budget as well.  We would like some feedback from you on how many birds you want.  This year's price will be $4.75 per pound.  We are only going to grow (and offer for sale) what we have orders for this year.  We can store birds in the freezer for you but that will be $5.00 per pound paid on the fresh day and they will be stored at -25 F.  We can make them available at the farm for you with a two-day notice.  Hope and Daisy are busy watching over the chicks.

We received our first 50 chicks on Friday of last week.  All of these first birds are already reserved.  Please take some time and review if you would like some of our certified organic, pastured birds this year.  On our website we have published two fresh dates so far.   If the orders warrant more processing days then we will add them later in the season.  Any orders over 10 birds please send a $25 deposit.  Email orders are welcomed.
*The other chicken information is more good news!  The new hens are finally laying, so if anyone is interested in pastured, certified organic eggs, the fridge in the store room is now stocked!!


Last year's drought caused some serious cow-food and financial issues and we have chosen to respond with significant changes in field production.  If you come to the farm and see that fields are tilled and new items growing, this is part of those efforts.  I will gladly explain our goals,  if anyone has an interest.  The calves we recently have had and the greening and growing to grass makes us hopeful that we can make the changes required to ensure we can continue with our beef and dairy production.

Not too late for the CSA

We are excited about the CSA gardens this year!!    Just below the four rows sprouting of sugar snap peas, the 4000 garlics we planted last fall, and just as many onions that we planted a couple weeks ago are all sprouted up and happy-looking outside. The greenhouse is quickly filling up too, with baby turnips, beets, carrots, cucumbers, summer squash and early tomatoes. This year we are finally completing our nutrient cycle (as much as we can) and welcoming food scraps from our sharer's  kitchens back to the farm's biodynamic compost pile.  More on that as we get closer, but we are very excited to take the next step toward sustainability.   Our CSA still has a few shares left.  If you would like to participate in our farm's production of certified organic veggies, (even if only in the eating part) please complete the application on the CSA page and send it to Amy.    If you want to come and learn in the gardens,  we still welcome you to experience how good it feels to get out and be part of growing healthy food.

How about those Jolly Spotters?

We just sent in our third group of Jolly Spotters.  They were beautiful, happy, grass eating, dirt digging Jollies.  Whole pigs will weight about 80-90 lbs.  The price is $7.00 per pound.  If you want smaller portions then you are welcome to come to the farm store.  We've gotten many compliments about the taste - thank you!   Some good news:  We will have nitrate free bacon coming from this group!  We are still looking for nitrate free hams, but Newswanger Meats in Shilo, Ohio has figured out the process for nitrate free bacon and we are looking forward to tasting the difference!!   To those of you who purchased whole animals last time when the bacon and hams were lost,  please email me if you would like a few pounds of bacon or ham at the whole pig price.  If you haven't had our pork please come try some.  It's a delicious way to conserve a lovely rare breed!

Herd shares

We have two freshening dairy heifers, Creme and Gwinn,  that will become part of the community's herd soon.   It takes three years to raise our own certified organic stock, these cows are beautiful and just what we want.  
Just yesterday, Creme had a beautiful little bull calf.  We were concerned when we first found her laboring, because there was only one hoof with the nose to be seen.  So we had to help find that other leg and bring it around, which is easier said than done... but as soon as that second leg was out, everything went smoothly.  (See Hope helping with the birth in the side pictures! ) Now the debate begins for a name!  Since his sire was "Epic" (our red Angus bull)  he's a reddish brown, sturdy little guy that we'll probably let grow all the away up for certified organic beef.  Email us some names if you have any ideas.   The best glass of milk comes from well-loved cows eating grass.  If you would like to be a cow owner come visit and see if being a herd share member is for you.


The goat herd is growing, and are those kids ever entertaining.  Grace being an enterprising youth has several of her Nigerian Dwarf kids for sale if anyone is interested.  Three are for companion animals or meat (weathers) and there's one blue-eyed registered buckling for breeding.  If you are interested email Amy and Grace through Amy's email.  They can give you the details. 

Upcoming Events

Saturday, April 27
Last Old Trail School Winter Market
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Saturday, May 11
First Outside Market at Howe Meadow
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Saturday, May 11
Plant Sale
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sunday, May 12
Plant Sale
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Friday, June 7
Fresh Chicken Harvest Date
5:00-7:00 pm

Friday, July 5
Fresh Chicken Harvest Date
5:00-7:00 pm

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