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Certified Organic Grass Fed Beef

(updates, in journal form at the bottom of page)

Red and Black Angus cows make up our 16-brood-cow beef herd.  They are intensively grazed on our organic pastures year round.  We supplement their diet in the snowiest parts of the winter with our certified organic hay.  They are strictly grass-fed on our certified organic fields from birth to finish.  The nutrient-dense beef is available by the quarter, half and whole as well as select cuts.  Please contact us at 330 484 29nine six if you are interested.  *We do not ship any of our products*


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T-BONE  $15.00


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We are pleased to share this fall’s Certified Organic Grass Fed beef harvest with you.  We have harvested 14 of our best from the herd.  Our beef eat only 100% Certified Organic grass and hay the duration of their lives.  This fall’s beef have been finished on stockpiled Orchard Grass, Timothy, and Alfalfa.


Why choose Certified Organic Grass Fed?


NATURALLY RAISED beef is what you will find in many health food stores.  Which has no inspection or verifier to validate any claims.  The better product clearly above natural is GRASS FED.  The best product above that is CERTIFIED ORGANIC GRASS FED.  You have the inspectors to ensure organic rules are followed and grass fed beef is, “The Best Beef”.


Here is a quote from the USDA AMS (Agricultural Market Service) board about NATURALLY RAISED product.


AMS is proposing that animals that have been naturally raised have been raised without growth promotants and antibiotics and have never been fed mammalian or avian by-products.


This means they cannot use growth hormones or antibiotics and the animals could not have been feed chicken parts or chicken manure for feed.  The mammalian part means they are not fed other cows or horses.  These beef are grain fed feedlot raised.  Keep in mind this program is completely voluntary and no inspection is performed to validate their claims.


Benefits of Choosing Certified Organic Grass Fed?


The benefits are many more than listed here.  Google “The benefits of Grass Fed beef” and see all the listings.


Here are a few:


·      E coli and Mad Cow disease are non-existent with grass feed beef

·      The fat content is low which means fewer calories

·      Lower fat intake assist your body in lowering your LDL Cholesterol

·      Grass-fed beef fat that is present contains MUCH higher levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

·      Grass-fed beef is one of the richest known sources of good fat called “Conjugated Linolenic Acid”

·      Grass-fed beef contains 4 times higher levels of vitamin E and higher beta-carotene than other beef.


Wouldn’t you rather eat good food that your body can use instead of eating lower quality food then have to feed your body supplements?  It has been proven in many animals that high quality food inputs always outperform lower quality feed with supplements.  There are several case studies confirming this. 


For additional information on the health benefits of Grass Fed Beef please see the additional links below:

Updates on the Simon organic Beef herd:

4/19-We fed the last of our winter hay today in the "sacrifice" winter field.   Tomorow the beef go out on new spring pasture to begin intensively grazing with their calves.

8/21- The beef herd looks fat and happy out on the grassy hillside.  In the afternoons, they stand in the shade under the trees and chew their cuds, then head out again with their heads down munching as they go before dinner time and into the evening.  We are thankful to have a beautiful set of spring calves that are chubby and eating grass alongside their mothers.  The angus bull got to join them after the 4th of July. He is well behaved with the calves and muches along with the group.