In early January, we and many friends of our farm make a group order with FEDCO seeds.  If you are a fellow gardenenr and would like to join us, we usually get quite the discount on FEDCO’s already reasonable prices (around 20-25% off), because the order for our farm is so large.  We are happy to share the abundance.

After our group order, we gently encourage our vegetables, herbs and flowers from seed every year in our greenhouse.  Again, we are happy to share the abundance with you.  We always have extras of some plants.  Normally we sell these through Raisin Rack in North Canton.

We also take orders for say a flat of Marglobe tomatoes in 4 inch pots we can have ready in late May for you.

Below is a list of what we are growing this year and could have extras.  If you would like to purchase, give us a call or email.  We can arrange a time for you to pick up.  Generally we sell tomatoes for $3 per 4 inch pot, $4 or 3 packs of plants for the same price.

Growing List for 2020

Our baby plants are growing up and going to
Raisin Rack.

Please view our latest delivery.