Our USDA Certified Organic
Free Roam Forage Fed
Nigerian Dwarf Goats

With no fences, our goats roam our valley farm in East Sparta free range, with an open greenhouse at the center of the farm for their shelter.

With lush pasture of alfalfa and clover, and many medicinal herbs in the wild corners of the farm, why would they leave?  Our registered Nigerian dwarf herd not only has unusually sweet, rich flavored meat from this forage, but have grown over generations to an unusually large size for the breed.

You can find our goat in our storefront at the farm, or Howe Meadow and Old Trail School markets.

Breeding Stock and Pets

Our herd has bloodlines from such prestigious farms as Woodbridge.  Generally because of the large size our goats tend towards, we have chosen smaller bucks to keep size within the standards for this breed.  We have only bred our goats with purebred Nigerians.  We have many in just the right size, attractive, and unusual colors, and blue eyes.  Contact for available breeding stock or pets.