When we refer to our storefront or milkroom as we often call it, we mean the front of the farmhouse at:

1044 Battlesburg st SW

East Sparta, Ohio 44626

On Wednesdays in the summer, we welcome sharers stopping in, and getting extras such as meet and eggs, or picking up their herdshares. If you don’t have any shares with us, please call 330.484.2996 to make sure we will be available, or have what you’re looking for when you come. Eggs sell out quickly after we set them in the front refrigerator, etc.

We prefer cash or check if possible, although have a card reader for large purchases on request. Service charge is 3%.


We are very fortunate to sell our high quality meat, flowers and wreaths at one of the largest farmer’s markets in Ohio, Howe Meadow through late spring, summer, and fall.

In winter, we sell at another very nice farmer’s market, at Old Trail School, which is within sight of Howe Meadow in Cuyahoga Valley National Park (VERY nice place).

Both markets are hosted by Countryside. We attend all the Howe meadow dates, and only the first market of every month at Old Trail. To learn more about these markets, and the dates thay will be hosted, Countryside has a wonderful website here. Their newsletter may be an excellent addition to your inbox if you plan on attending the markets often.

We also attend some Hercules Pop-Up Markets in Dowtown Canton with our flowers, and wreaths. Last year we attended the October and December markets, which are the first Saturday of the month. We usually announce our attendance to these markets by sharing the facebook events. You can follow us on Facebook here.