In order to enjoy the benefits of raw milk in the state of Ohio, you must own a cow and choose to not pasteurize the milk you get from it.

In pursuit of raw milk, we purchased our own dairy cows in 2005 and kept them in our garage at our old house.  Thankfully, we were able to purchase our valley farm before they had their first calves and provided milk.

Our Herd

We provide our cows with as much connection to the valley farm and its elements as possible, with open fields full of lush, mixed herbs and grass, sunlight, fresh air, and mineral from seaweed and salts (cows need supplements too!).

Our herd has been closed (no new cows that could bring disease) for multiple generation. From birth to death, many of our cows have never left the farm. We artificially inseminate our herd (no bull on farm), allowing us to select only A2 genetics.

Brown Swiss is the dairy breed known for the highest protein content in the milk, and near second in milk solids to Jersey milk.  As we are grass-based, we have New Zealand Fresian genetics in the herd.  This breed is far more similar to Jersey than Holstein, and provide high quality milk with only grass forage in their diet.

Our herd is Certified USDA Organic by OEFFA.


With a herdshare contract you can scale your ownership of a cow and benefits of raw milk to exactly what you need.  Please feel free to contact us about our current availability of shares.