Flowers can be some of the most chemical-laden commodities of our culture. Heavily sprayed, and chemically fertilized, and in some cases even genetically manipulated by synthetic means, grocery store flowers grown in the glass chambers of Ecuador and Netherlands are shipped thousands of miles to reach our hands tired and worn, embalmed in preservatives that would rival Egyptian mummies.

We strive to let this model of flowers go, because you need flowers in this world. A simple token of fresh flowers grown in sunlight and rich earth can elevate your personal atmosphere and fine-tune your pace of life. Perfuming your car ride from the farm where they grew, to enriching your meals and working space, everything takes on a glow, and calm with a weekly bouquet of flowers. Many studies such as this one, have proven flowers flush the body with feelings of well-being and calm. Healthy flowers are healing.

When you purchase a flower share, an arrangment of flowers will be waiting for you every week at our farm, or market stand. Just take a look at the beauty of our combinations. Imagine getting to pick your favorite week after week!

Vases are glass. Glass is best for the environment. Vases are usually sturdy mason jars, or on occasion more lustrous pieces from our collection. Our system depends on cycling these vases from you, back to our design room. If you forget to bring back your vase one week (or five) we have a large enough collection to keep flowers in water for you. If you have a special vase you would like filled, bring it, or show our designer, Luke Simon, a picture, and we’ll see if we can make a special arrangment when you need.


You can keep yourself in flowers all year with us.

CSA Veggie sharers and farmers market shoppers have enjoyed a flower share for several years now for the 20 week veggie season.  For those who wish to give flowers for a shorter time-duration, we are offering 6 week subscriptions by season.


6 weeks of spring with the perfect range -Easter to Mother’s day! Pickups Saturday at the farmhouse or Howe Meadow farmers market. Days of pickup are flexible if you have a herdshare with us.

Early Summer

20 weeks from May to October alongside our Veggie Share. Pickups are Wednesday at the farm garden shed, 3 to 7 pm. Contact us if you cannot pick up that day or want to pickup at Howe Meadow market instead.

If only a few weeks in the season are open for flowers (gone on travel, etc.) we have broken our share down into segments. We name them by the usual focal flowers of the season.

-Peony May 27 to July 1

-Sunflower July 8 to August 12

-Dahlia August 19 to September 23

Business / Restaurants

Our flower shares delivered to any business within the North Canton, Jackson, Downtown Canton, South Canton area. Delivery is Tuesday.

If you are a restuarant, we can customize your share to just a few stems of just the right flower or branch, or berry every week to get maximum value for your venue. We also make custom dried bouquets for restaurants to be used in off seasons. There is good reason they call dried flowers everlastings!


Beauty through the holidays. Depending on frost dates, this may include fresh flowers for Thanksgiving, or a mixture of dried arrangments and and fresh evergreens with seasonal branches, and berries. Pickup is Thanksgiving week, early December, and Christmas week. these 3 pickups can be arranged as suits schedules.

This share also includes 10% off your choice of wreath. You are not limited in the number of wreaths you can purchase for 10% off. You can get 2 fall wreaths for yourself, 2 for a friend, and 2 more for Christmas, and some dried sweet annie wreaths as gifts. See these custom drieds a client ordered for gifts last year. She was very pleased!