Vibrant Mothers Day Tulip Bouquet

Here’s your chance to lay claim to your choice of the most pristine, lush flowers for Mother’s Day, May 14th -because we get so many orders for that day, we will run out of stock! 

Please note that your order will be waiting for pickup May 13th at our stand at Howe Meadow from 9am to noon. OR specify in the comments at bottom of order if you will pick up at the farm.

This mix is colorful, energetic, and fun -a mix centered around double tulips that will open with a cloud of bright petals. Light spring green playing with rich purples and apricot-orange-peach -sure to pop a smile on anyone’s face.

Pictured is a 24 stem mix, with a double french lilac.  We are offering a 12 stem.  If you would like the 24 stem that price is $45.  If our harvest is large enough, we will include lilacs in the mix, but we cannot guarantee this sought after flower will be in every bouquet.  Light green kerria branches, or whatever flower we think best highlights this mix will be used if lilacs run short. (First orders placed will be the first orders filled!) 


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