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Certified Organic Beef Bones for Broth

Our tasty 100% grass-fed and finished USDA Organic Beef Broth Bones are made up of meaty and bare bones as well as collagen rich Knuckle Bones.  All our Organic Grass-fed Beef Broth Bones are loaded with natural marrow, robust beefy flavor, electrolytes, minerals, and Omega 3 fatty acids for a healthy and fortifying organic bone broth. The price is for a 5-pound bag – the most common size to fit in your stock pot. We can accommodate other sizes.


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2 reviews for Certified Organic Beef Bones for Broth

  1. Michael B

    makes amazing broth. you can tell these cows had a healthy diet. very rich broth!

  2. Rosalie Galvan

    Sounds good

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