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Certified Organic Pastured Whole Broiler

Broilers are humanely raised in floor less pens to keep them safe from foxes, coyotes, raccoons, and Bald Eagles.

  • Fed 100% organic, non-GMO, bugs, worms, grasshoppers, grass, clovers, and alfalfas, and pure well water without chlorine or fluoride
  • No animal by-products in feed
  • No antibiotics, growth hormones, or arsenicals are ever used
  • Raised on farm, Harvested on Farm
  • Farm-to-table audit trail as part of our organic certification
  • No in egg or after hatch GMO Vaccines
  • Our farm practices sustainable agriculture and we preserve the ecosystem
  • Pick up Fresh on Harvest Dates or Frozen you specify


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Organic Whole Broiler approximately 5 lbs.  Certified Organic Grain and Green Pastures.


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June 14, 2024

3 reviews for Certified Organic Pastured Whole Broiler

  1. Michael B

    high quality birds. great flavor.

  2. Michael B

    juicy birds, wouldn’t go a season without grabbing some!

  3. Mary Jo Laubacher

    the best tasting birds I have ever had. we’ve gotten birds from Simons for many years and the quality is excellent. they care about the quality.

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